THANK YOU! - To all the tremendously talented artists, musicians, and recording engineers I've had the pleasure to work with over the past 8 years on each of my musical endeavors in Los Angeles, CA. -- MUSICIANS: Per Kjeller, Edoardo Tancredi, Joie Shettler, Tim Butterworth, Ginger Murphy, Marty Rifkin, Melinda Walker, Melanie Walker, Pedro Eustache, Patrick Richey, Ben White, Steven Santiago, Dave Bernal, Cheryl Scott, DeShaude Barner, Ashley Oiknine, Danielle Ondarza, Stefan Nordin, Justin Smith, Mark Visher, Tony Guerrero, Jennifer Crutchfield, Michelle Bourque, and Patrick Keller for lending your musical skills, vocals, instrumentation, friendship and comaraderie on all my records.  ENGINEERS: Per Kjeller, Andrew Bush, Tom Weir, Marty Rifkin, Mark Visher, Tony Guerrero and Paul Turpin for selflessly providing your technical expertise through the recording process.  MASTERING: Gavin Lurssen, Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA - on my debut album THERE MUST BE MORE and upcoming album in Summer 2020.  The SoundLAB at DISC MAKERS, Pennsauken, NJ - on my 2nd digital EP, POURING RAIN.  SHEET MUSIC, CHORD CHARTS & ARRANGEMENTS: Album - THERE MUST BE MORE - Chris Mross on "MORE", Bruce Atkinson on "LOVE SHINNING DOWN", "WHIDBEY ISLAND (MIRAKYA'S COVE)", and "A FOND FAREWELL", Patrick Keller on "JUST LOOK UP" and "HALLOWED HALLS", Michelle Bourque on "HALLOWED HALLS".   PRODUCER: Per Kjeller - Upcoming New Release 19 song Album (Summer 2020), 2nd CD - POURING RAIN (2018), and debut CD, THERE MUST BE MORE (2015).  THE MUSIC BIZ GUY WHO HELPED START THIS WHOLE MUSICAL JOURNEY OF MINE IN LOS ANGELES: David R. Woeckener - The day I met David in LA was, no doubt, a major turning point in my wandering music career path.  I had the drive and ambition, but what I needed was the technical expertise and know how to put my songs and ideas on solid footing through final production.  David has done it all and done it well.  He connected me with his friend and colleague, Per Kjeller.  The rest is history.