Randall K. Walker - Singer, writer, performer

Grew up in Detroit.  Studied The Beatles, Bob Seger, Joe Walsh and many other rock bands and musicians like a mad scientist.  Traveled the world in the U.S. Military,  Earned an M.Ed. and a M.A. in Political Science from Western Washington University.  Lives in Los Angeles, CA, where he continues to write, record and perform in southern California area and in Washington State.


 Hi, everybody.  I hope you are all staying safe during this crazy pandemic.  And always remember - Black Lives Matter.

ANNOUNCEMENT I am so excited and proud to announce that I have a NEW CD about to hit THE STREETS in Summer 2020!!!  This is no ordinary Album.  It was the most ambitious music project in my life.  It all started soon after I released my debut CD, "THERE MUST BE MORE."  So, it has been about 4 years in the making with as many as 18 musicians and vocalists along with 4 engineers all done in Los Angeles, CA.  While on this journey, I also released my 2nd CD - POURING RAIN, in December 2019, pushing ahead churning out what I consider my best songwriting ever.  I consider this work my equivalent effort as that of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper!  Ok, I know that's a little self-serving, but, hey, decide for yourselves and let me know what you think when it is released.  I'd really appreciate that - seriously.  The Album has 19 songs featuring Per Kjeller on lead guitar, recording and mixing, Edoardo Tancredi on drums and percussion, superstar Joie Shettler on background vocals, and world-class musician and performer Marty Rifkin on pedal steel guitar, just to name a few.  Renown world-class Cellist, Ginger Murphy, adds her very special talent that is incomparable in every aspect.  Ben White of Magnetico, was gracious enough to step in on bass guitar for one track, and wow, that was icing on the cake!  Produced by Per Kjeller.  Mastered by Gavin Lurssen, Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA.  Additional engineers and recording done by Andrew Bush, Grandma's Warehouse, Chatsworth, CA, and Tom Weir, Studio City Sound, Studio City, CA.

Debut CD: There Must Be More

Release date: DECEMBER 2015

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Studios, Burbank, CA

Mixed, Engineered & Co-Produced by Per Kjeller, Los Angeles, CA

Engineered by Andrew Bush at Grandma's Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA


World renown flautist and Grammy winner, Pedro Eustache, who plays the Duduk on Paul McCartney's "Jenny Wren" from the album "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard"; Concert for George and much more).

Background vocals by Joie Shettler of The Radio Rebels, and formerly with The Brian Setzer Orchestra, and who also performed with Prince and other great artists.

Edoardo Tancredi, drummer extraordinaire from Los Angeles, CA, who is amazing in his own right and toured with KISS.  Plays extensively in the LA music scene at many venues in the South Bay area.

Patrick Richey, on the Tabla, who studied the Tabla in India and is featured on other albums including 2016 Grammy nominated works.






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